2013 Bainbridge Managers Conference – A Great Event!


Bainbridge Mgr Conf 6 13 photo

The Bainbridge manager’s conference took place the week of June 19th at a venue near downtown Disney. The property managers from all forty properties were in attendance along with the Bainbridge regional and marketing managers including Jared Miller (Senior Vice President), Jannah Hobday (Senior Marketing Manager), and Shane Gillman (Marketing Manager).

Each day was meticulously planned for the Bainbridge group, and Apartment Finder, represented by Publishers Denise Hull and Betty Mulraz and AF DigitalSherpa, was invited to present to the Bainbridge team. Denise and Betty went first and started their session off right, handing out plenty of candy to those in the back corner of the room, and then they moved to the front of the room to give more candy and to tell the Bainbridge group about the new AF 6.0 and its outstanding features. “ApartmentFinder.com’s latest enhancement advances our commitment to providing apartment shoppers with the smartest and best search experience, as well as broadening our coverage to short-term and senior apartment communities. Our focus on these market segments will help short-term and senior apartment communities reach out to millions of prospective renters that ApartmentFinder.com attracts each week.”

Digital Sherpa, represented by Adam Japko and Becky McDaniel, had the opportunity to present what content marketing is and why it’s important. They went on to explain what an integral part the Sherpa Dashboard is to the product..

Denise, Betty, Becky and Adam all agreed It was great to meet so many of our clients at once and that Bainbridge knows how to present and educational and fun event!