Blogging, a process, not an event


blog peopleSeth Godin blogged yesterday morning about the reason social media is so difficult for most organizations, describing it as a process and not an event. This is so true and I try to make that point during each presentation for Community Sherpa which includes the creation and maintenance of a blog.

In the multi-housing arena, we have been so accustomed to ILS being a flip of the switch. The phone starts ringing within 48 hours of purchase. Not so much the case with social media, especially with a blog. It is like Seth describes, a process like dating and losing weight. I like to compare it to my experience on Facebook. When I first started the friend process, I reached 100 friends in approximately 2 months. I was shocked and couldn’t believe I even had 100 friends. Now, one year later, I have approximately 400 friends and it’s growing daily. I’m feeling pretty good about myself, but it was a process of staying engaged on the site, searching for friends, etc.

A blog is not going to be an instant success and going into it with that expectation will certainly lead to disappointment. However, as you engage and word travels, people will come and engage. Before you know it, you will have a captured audience of people with common interests where you can make an impact.