Community Sherpa Hits the Mile High City!


MarciaB gathered with valuable clients in Denver to review Social Media for the multi-family biz! Lots of great comments such as:

“Wow, it is so cool that after all these years in the apartment business, we have a service that can help us connect with our residents at a property.”

“So awesome that we have help with getting into social media and having a presence on Facebook”.

“Thank you Finder for helping us on this journey with blogging and Facebook.”

CSdenver090 1

From top left: Marcia, Sharon Ingram w/Simpson, Kristen Nicholson w/UDR, Heather Campbell w/RedPeak, Christina Steeg w/Simpson, Megan Dyk w/Apt. Book, Kim Grant w/Apt. Book, Joel Sandoval w/Apt. Book, Parke Pettegrew w/Carmel Partners, Terry Fritz w/Apt. Book, Apt. Magazine, & Apt. Finder

From Bottom left: Chandra Vail w/Vegas AF, Garrett Faillaci w/Alliance, Adrianna Perez w/Carmel Partners, Sharon George w/Simpson, and Scott Kirkwood w/Berkshire

Denver apartment industry gets together to learn about using social media to reach out to our residents. Thanks to Simpson Housing for hosting a networking session for Apartment Finder/Book to help with the heavy lifting of understanding and executing in the social media world!

CSdenver088 3