CommunitySherpa Is Now FinderSocial – Apartment Finder’s New Social Media Product Suite

Author: Lauren Ross

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Apartment Finder is pleased to announce that our sister company, CommunitySherpa, is now FinderSocial; Apartment Finder’s new social media product suite designed to enhance the online presence of apartment communities. Since its launch in 2009, CommunitySherpa has been the leader of online marketing for the multifamily housing industry.  Now operating as FinderSocial, we will continue to build clients’ brand recognition and satisfaction by focusing on the core dimensions of online marketing for the multifamily housing industry: social media marketing, blogging and content marketing, and online reputation management.

You may be wondering how important it is for your community to have an active online presence. According to HubSpot, 92% of all marketers in 2014 agreed that social media efforts generated exposure for their business, with 80% of those marketers seeing an increase in website traffic. In other words, social media can have a substantial influence on prospective residents making their apartment decision.

Having active social channels are great, but having a strategy for them is even better. With the proper tools and a strategy in place, your community can experience the major benefits of online marketing such as community engagement and resident insight – which can lead to resident referrals.  And when you add blog content, you can achieve better SEO rankings – through keyword strategy – to help navigate prospective residents to your site when they use a search engine.

And this is where FinderSocial shines! Our experience and expertise in search engine optimization will help drive apartment seekers to your community’s site organically. We will lend a hand by writing unique, original content tailored to your community; manage posts and monitor fan engagement; and create ad campaigns for contests, sweepstakes, and giveaways! All you need to do is pick the package that is right for you.

Once again, we are excited to officially announce that CommunitySherpa is now FinderSocial – an innovative social media suite by Apartment Finder. If you’re ready to start growing your social fan base and convert leads for your community, please contact your Apartment Finder Representative or contact us directly!

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