Could you live in a 240 square foot apartment?


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I saw this article onShine’s Decorating Guide” and thought wow! that would be tight quarters to be comfortable living in. But after reading the article and looking at the photos of how well they organized their belongings and the great ideas they had, I thought yeah, it could work!

Writer and photographer Erin Boyle, and her fiance, biologist James Casey, (both 30ish) share a 240-square-foot apartment in Brooklyn Heights, and have managed to take a very, very small space and make it quite livable. They’ve lived in their Brooklyn apartment studio since June 2011 and have decorated it to the nines. The main living space of 140 square feet includes their kitchen, dining table and living room. The apartment does have the necessities – a tiny bathroom off to one side, a 4 foot square closet in the hallway and a 10 by 6 and a half foot sleeping loft over the kitchen with a closet underneath the steep staircase. Yes, it sounds too small to fit much into, but they’ve put a double bed and a single dresser into the room.

Being creative and figuring out new ways to do every day chores has become a game to the couple. Before they moved in to the studio, they sold many of their “large” pieces and now think about everything they buy before they bring it home – “will it fit?” and “where will we put it?” This works well for both their space and their pocket book.

In her blog, Reading My Tea Leaves, Erin gives many tips for decorating a small space:

1. Hide your clutter

2. Think small (small versions of things you use every day, including plants!)

3. Storage – be creative! Place large flat items (like surf boards!) on the wall for art.

4. Keep windows clean – let the sun shine in!

5. Put things away immediately – dry clothes and put them away, wash dishes and tuck them in the shelf. Common sense things!

It’s all about having fun, no matter how much room you have to do it in!

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