Creative Ideas for your Apartment



Adding a personal touch to your living space can make it feel more like home. But coming up with unique design ideas can be difficult so we did some digging and found a few things that can lighten up any living space. Here are some of our favorites.

Gallery Display Shelves: These floating shelves are great because they don’t take up a lot of space and they give a modern feel to any living space. We suggest using them the way you see them used in a lot of art galleries around the country. By using these shelves as a decorative space you can really add a personal feel to your apartment.


Use more Mirrors: We really liked this one because spring is on our doorstep and mirrors are a great way of making a room seem bigger and brighter. A few well placed mirrors around your apartment or condo you can take a dull space and turn it into a welcoming bright area.


Cover those walls: Our favorite way of adding a personal vibe to any living space is filling up the walls with pictures of friends and family. By investing in grid patterned frames you can quickly fill up blank walls and be surrounded by your loved ones. You can also use these frames for artwork or whatever else suits your personal style.

Providing tips on apartments always seems to make apartment residents happy. We are open to creative ideas that our readers may have for us. Join the conversation by commenting on this blog post. Until next time, take care and enjoy the spring weather!

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