Cultivating the Ultimate Affordable Housing Community



There is a great company here in Birmingham, Arbour Valley Management, that provides management and leasing services to multi-family properties in the Southeast, and has differentiated their properties from local competition by making them distinctive, livable communities. “We maximize value for the client by exceeding tenant expectations,” says Stephanie Tinney, president. Here are some of the features that Arbour Valley Management incorporates to increase client conversion, satisfaction, and retention:

  • Literacy centers. Many of the diverse family-friendly properties include on-site literacy centers, which provide meaningful community engagement.
  • After school programs. It takes a village to raise a child. Arbour Valley Management’s properties are livable planned communities where parents can stroll with their children down sidewalks, past green space and playgrounds, to caring after-school programs.
  • Lush landscaping. Residents receive the benefits of a suburban backyard without having to worry about the upkeep. A variety of regional plants are selected to provide greenery year-round and blossoms in the spring and summer. Landscaping is also a touch that makes Arbour Valley Managment properties stand out to potential residents and reinforce a sense of place.


  • Highly trained staff. AVM screens, hires, and trains experienced staff. New employees enjoy YARDI management software, full administrative support, and continuing education regarding affordable housing, FHA compliance, operational/maintenance issues, marketing, and more.

“Arbour Valley Management believes in creating the type of communities that we ourselves would want to live in,” says Tinney. This balanced approach not only makes the apartment communities a pleasant atmosphere in which to live and work, it also maximizes the developers’ ROI. Managing a property as a community, and not merely a complex, ensures: higher demand, tenant retention, sustainable quality, and secure standing in the multi-family property marketplace.

Arbour Valley Management oversees 34 properties and is affiliated with another 15 owner-managed properties. Arbour Valley Management is active in AL, FL, SC, NC, MO, KS and VA. For more information on Arbour Valley Management, visit www.arbourvalleymgt.comor call 205-909-0060.