Cutting Edge Training that’s sure to Broaden Your Horizons – Part II

Author: Alecia Pirulis


We talked in Part I about the tried and true organizations and sources that have been around the apartment industry for many years that have kept us trained, informed, energized and up-to-speed on our industry, now, let’s step outside the “cutting-edge” box and explore other ways we can “broaden our horizons!”

We can educate ourselves in our industry by simply utilizing the World Wide Web. – – – You are one Google search box away from having information at your finger tips. What I love most about Google is that many of the search results returned are blogs or sites where I can access input, thoughts and up-to-the-minute information on various topics.

Three reasons I believe blogs are an excellent source for training:

  1. Blogs are hot-spots for exclusive and proprietary content about a particular subject and the person who owns the blog is usually an expert on the subject matter, offering excellent advice, training and additional links to further your research and study.
  2. Blogs are interactive so you are able to ask questions and/or comment on the content.
  3. Blogs are FREE to visit, read and interact. (You’re reading the Apartment Finder Blog – the juice now, so you understand how easy it is to participate in a forum for learning and discussing topics related to the apartment industry!

Here are a few of my favorite apartment industry related blogs: This blog is an excellent networking group for the multifamily industry and a depository of industry information, opinions and advice on products, services and training. A recent post on this blog caught my eye. It’s by a young lady I’ve had the pleasure to meet and get to know over the course two years. Her name is Jasmine Brooks. In her blog post “How to Make the Most of Community Sherpa, she shares ideas on how to compliment Community Sherpa’s strategy so that you maximize your investment in the program. – – – All eyes on Jasmine! She’s a rock star in our industry! I like Mack for three reasons

  1. He’s from Alabama, my home state.
  2. He’s a shoot-you-straight kind of guy.
  3. He simplifies social media Social media consultant,Charity Hisle, offers advice and information on how to use social media strategies to attract and retain residents. One of her most recent posts, How to Use Pinterest for Property Management offers a simple understanding of Pinterest, the benefits of engaging on Pinterest as a Property Management Company, how to use it and some suggested industry related groups to follow. Who knew, until Charity posted about it!

Blogs are loaded with valuable information and input from industry leaders and professionals. You can get different perspectives and form your own opinion. You can even jump in and comment! Go ahead! What you say might just gain you celebrity status in the multifamily blogging nation. If you don’t believe me just ask a few of them yourself.

Here’s a list of folks you can Google today – They’re easy to find, fun to read and eager to share industry related information to make you smarter. Comment on a post and they are sure to reply. Don’t forget to “Fan” them on Facebook. You will be able to see when they post something new to their blogs and they will always supply a link on their fan page that will direct you right to the information posted.

  • Mack Collier
  • Lisa Trosien
  • Charity Hisle
  • Mark Juleen
  • Mike Brewer
  • Tami Siewruk
  • Eric Brown
  • Jackie Ramstedt
  • Mike Whaling
  • Lori Snider

So, there you have it…a few “cutting-edge” resources for training and one sure way to “broaden your horizons.”