Cutting Edge Training That’s Sure to Broaden Your Horizons – Part I

Author: Alecia Pirulis


Property Management is a multifaceted career that requires on-going training to remain “cutting-edge”. So, how can you be sure you are doing everything it takes to stay on top of your game?

Well, let’s first talk about some obvious solutions. You can become a Certified Apartment Manager through the National Apartment Association Education Institute. ( TheCAM is a nationally recognized designation in our industry and advances your knowledge in all facets of Property Management. It is an intense course with an in-depth study in areas such as legal responsibilities, fair housing and financial management. The certification is considered an exuberant achievement among your colleagues, and as an added bonus, the designation fairs well listed on your resume and following your title on your business cards.

Another source are companies who specialize in training you and your on-site team on an on-going basis such as, and, all of which offer Learning Management Systems that can be tailor-designed for your management company and provide an automated educational journey that delivers and tracks multifamily training.

If you want to turbo-charge your skills and enjoy a pure adrenaline rush, The Apartment All-Stars are for you! Industry veterans such as Kate Good, Lisa Trosien and Tony Blake are all award winning, reputable trainers loaded with brilliant and easy implemented marketing ideas. Visit for a schedule of their upcoming events. One of my favorite benefits of attending Apartment All Starts is not only an opportunity to learn, but an opportunity to NETWORK!

The same can be said for your local Apartment Association. They offer training courses, certification programs, events and seminars that you can participate in, learn from and NETWORK!

These organizations are the tried and true sources that have been around for many years to keep us informed, energized and up-to-speed on our industry. Because “training” is the core of their business, their offerings are unmatched.

Be sure to tune in to the AF Juice blog again on Thursday for Part II of “cutting-edge” offerings on the Web – simple, fast and smart!!



Michelle Roberts is National Accounts Director for the Apartment Finder, headquartered in Lawrenceville, GA 770-962-7220