Different Generations Living in Apartment Communities

Author: Alecia Pirulis

Group Of People

Some apartment communities are known to have a specific niche. The urban communities can be marketed more towards millennial and the suburban apartments tend to be more focused on empty nesters. Yet all apartments have the same regulations that were put in place to protect each and every renter based upon age, gender, and ethnicity.

A non-discrimination clause was created on September 13, 1988 and enacted March 12, 1989 called the Fair Housing Act. This clause has prohibited discrimination in the sale, rental, and financing of dwellings based on color, religion, sex, or national origin.

There are many apartment communities to choose from in just about every major city where you can have a community lifestyle with amazing benefits and amenities included. This is one of the many reasons why rental communities are such a popular choice. According to the Columbus Dispatch, nationwide, the average rent is predicted to increase 2.6 percent this year due to the popularity of this lifestyle.

The types of people living in these rental communities span over many generations. Ages from 18-85 can be found at just about any apartment community because of the Fair Housing Act. Below are some of the most common generations enjoying the apartment lifestyle!


A person born between the years 1980-2000 are considered Millennials. Most of these Millennials aged from 18-34 are out on their own and providing for themselves living in apartment communities. Where college campuses will most likely have more college-aged students in the age range of 18-24, neighborhood apartment communities and city apartments may have more business professionals and families.


Apartments have always welcomed families into their communities. Most apartments will likely have a pool where children and parents can relax and take a swim, and some communities also include playgrounds for the younger kids. Families enjoy an apartment setting because in most cases they are centrally located to retail shopping, dining, and grocery stores.

Young Professionals:

Fresh out of college with a new job, or out of high school and working on moving up the corporate latter, young professionals are a large majority living in apartments. Hard-working and motivated individuals are drawn to a central location, major attractions, shopping, and dining. According to the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel, developers say many younger professionals prefer renting urban apartments even if they work in the suburbs.

Empty Nesters:

Couples, divorced, and single parents that have owned a home previously with their family and children now want to downsize after everyone has “left the nest.” In addition to the unnecessary space in their home, they also want to avoid the home maintenance that comes with owning a home.

With all of these different generations living at apartment communities, most of them have the same common interests that include location, reasonable pricing, amenities, and maintenance-free living.

SRE Group, a development and management company for Columbus apartments, contributed content to this article.