Digital Coupons Are a Growing Trend

Author: Alecia Pirulis

Mobile coupons

We’ve all been behind that person in line at the supermarket. You know the one – they wait with a fistful of coupons as their purchases are being scanned, feverishly sorting through them before handing them over to the cashier, who then has to redeem each one. But that scenario may soon be a distant memory as digital coupons continue to gain popularity.

In fact, according to a recent report by Juniper Research, there will be one billion mobile coupon users worldwide by 2019. And there are already 560 million people worldwide using mobile coupons today.

There’s no doubt that coupon sites such as Groupon have gained in popularity. But nearly half of those digital coupon users are using coupons that were sent to them directly. In fact, the most frequently used digital coupons are location-based coupons accessed from mobile devices, and mobile coupons are redeemed 10 times more often than paper coupons.

According to Factbrowser, emails with coupons have higher open, click, and transaction rates. A recent Nielsen survey found that nearly half — 49 percent — of smartphone owners have used mobile coupons on their devices.

The benefits of digital coupons are numerous: digital coupons offer better tracking, they can reach the consumer quickly, they are less expensive to produce, location-based coupons take advantage of immediate demand, and digital coupons can be shared.

There’s no doubt that digital coupons are a great marketing tool, but how can you make them work for you – especially with so many digital coupons competing for attention?

Apartment Finder’s Senior Director of Marketing Tazha Layman offered some simple ways to get optimum impact with Apartment Finder’s On Demand Coupons. “Use a compelling tagline. Your ODC will capture more attention with a catchy headline. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your message to ensure your ODC stands apart from your competitors.”

Apartment Finder launched On Demand Coupons earlier this year and has seen amazing results. On Demand Coupons allow advertisers to promote rent specials and move-in concessions to apartment shoppers. When those shoppers are using a mobile device, the coupons display within their target search results.

When crafting a coupon, Layman suggests creating a sense of urgency: “Make sure your ODC has a defined expiration date that is no more than 30 days away.”

To catch a potential customer’s eye, Layman adds, “Make sure your special offer is unique! It is not uncommon to see waived application fees and partial rent concessions off of the first month’s rent. Be different! Have a drawing for a year of free rent or a day with the Geek Squad, where your resident can get all of their audio/visual wiring and setup installed at no cost.”

There’s no denying the trend: technology is changing how people live, and that includes how they shop. With the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of digital coupons, this trend offers an easy way to stand out from the crowd.

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