DigitalSherpa — Bringing Value and Simplicity to Social Media for Business

Author: Alecia Pirulis

OK, OK . . . yes, it’s a shameless plug for one of our own business lines. But it’s hard not to talk about something as exciting as DigitalSherpa! Led by Adam Japko (a fascinating blogger in his own right! — take a look at WineZag), DigitalSherpa is fast becoming THE social media provider for small business.DigitalSherpa_Logo_New_Legs[1] small


Many of you who know Apartment Finder are now quite familiar with CommunitySherpa, our highly-succesful social media internet marketing solution for apartment marketers. CommunitySherpa is part of our DigitalSherpa business line, which also includes BrokerSherpa and DesignSherpa. Check out the newly launched DigitalSherpa website to see how we are providing social media solutions to local businesses.