Don't plan any picnics!


Every time I open my Internet Explorer, I get a dose of news from around the world. The news story that caught my eye recently was about packs of feral beagles running wild in Long Island, NY. As a Texan, I find this story both funny and sad at the same time. We live in a day and age when TV shows and movies are drenched in vampires and werewolves. This latest threat of wild beagles roaming hither and yon in NY should make the vampires pale even further and the werewolves a little happier.

Apparently, during rabbit hunting season, these beagles were used as the hound dogs they were bred to be. However, if a hound didn’t come up with enough rabbits, they were abandoned by their owners. So now there are packs of beagles running wild and most likely they’re hungry, which adds to their aggressiveness. This part made me sad.

As a beagle owner myself, I am not usually intimidated by these loveable snugglers. If I was a hot dog on the edge of a picnic table or piece of raw chicken waiting to be cooked, then I would be really nervous about these roaming hounds. My two boys gave our beagle the name of Star. She was so cute as a puppy, we thought giving her a stage name would make her less threatening when she was fully grown at 15 inches and 45 pounds. Star has a way of jumping up on the table and helping herself to whatever we’re not paying attention to. We once had a village of gingerbread houses on our dining room table terrorized by a flying beagle. Each morning leading up to Christmas another house would be gone.

– – So my heart goes out to the fearful people on that island up north. Stay in doors and for Pete’s sake, don’t plan any picnics soon. PS. Please adopt a beagle!