Education vs. Loyality


Those who know me well are aware that education of employees in the Multi-family industry is very near and dear to me. I spend countless hours conducting training seminars and certification classes across the South Eastern United States to help Apartment Associations be able to offer training at an affordable rate.

Over the past year, I have noticed a trend of fewer people being allowed by their companies to attend industry related training sessions or certification classes. I understand many companies are trying to shear up their bottom line in these tough economic times, however, I believe that education is an important component to a properties profitability. Many have said, “Knowledge is power”. Knowledge not only empowers employees it also spurs loyality between employee and employer.

In my own personal experience, I entered into the Industry about 20 years ago as a leasing agent. The company I worked with not only had an internal training program, but also allowed for us to attend any industry training sessions or certification classes we wished to attend. We did have to sign an education agreement that we would pay back a percentage if we left the company. I stayed with the company becoming one of their top Leasing Agents, Assistant Managers and Managers. I still have all the awards collecting dust in my office. I am sure my owners probably wish they were making the kind of money today they were making when I was managing their community. I was a top producer not because of my tenacity, but because of the knowledge I received through the National Apartment Association, IREM and the National Multi-Family Council”s educational programs and certifications.

I was curious the other night as I thought about what I was going to write in my blog, so I posted out the questions to some of my late night facebook friends:

Michelle M. Childers is wondering if you feel your company paying for you to particpate in education classes has anything to do with your loyalities to your company.

Here are the responsesresponses

As you can see, they too feel education is important and employers should be contributing to educating their employees. In return they will gain a loyal, long tenured employee who will help them to surpass their fudiciary goals.

Ok, now go sign up your employees for an multifamily educational offering. Even better, how about sending them to Brainstorming this year!