Embracing Technology


technology eyeedited

Marketing methods for apartment communities have changed dramatically over the years and these changes have been phenomenal. It’s obvious that technology touches our lives every day and for apartment communities, it’s no different. Technology presents the communities with a multitude of choices to market their communities. I recently asked the question to many of our advertisers: “What technology ideas are you using to market your community?” and found the answers to vary considerably.

One resident manager told me that her most effective marketing tool is premium placement on internet sites, but going hand in hand with that, she also is a fan of call recording. She listens to all calls to determine which marketing partners bring her the most serious renters and places her marketing dollars there.

A resident manager at a large management company told me that QR codes are one of their favorite technology tools. He created “Will Return Clocks” to hang on the door when they are out of the office that feature the codes. Potential renters can click on QR code and get a tour through their cell phone even though the office is closed, so no prospect is lost. He also utilizes the Apartment Finder “Chat,” and “Call Me Now” features as once again he feels marketing is a wasted effort if a potential renter can’t connect on their terms.

The answers to my question were incredibly diverse. – – – Remember marketing is not a one size fits all. Different philosophies mandate the advertiser’s decision. The options are endless, and with technology, they are ever changing.