Engagement and Social Influence is the Next Logical Step

Author: Alecia Pirulis

Engagement may well be the Buzz Word of 2010, as more and more folks become comfortable and confident that increasing their Digital Footprint bodes well with a Google Search, and really does Move the Google Needle. There is a useful conversation unfolding regarding Engagement over on Mike Brewers blog titled Raving Apartment Fans Equal Efficient Search Results.

I participated in a lot of conversation last week at Multifamily Pro Brainstorming with peers and colleagues surrounding the magical dust of Engagement. Leaders will continue to emerge who can quickly and efficiently filter and rearrange information and content for effective use by the crowd, or, said differently, the Larger Community as the Direction of Marketing Has Changed. Those leaders will be the ones who can identify the Social Influencers and Engage the Community. Social Influencers will be defined by the quality, and somewhat the quantity of their following. Every Brand, even your apartment community have Resident Evangelists.

There are a lot of folks, including our clients that are starting to get and see the new reality of Social Media, however they are stuck on, and struggling with how to Engage the Community. We can provide significant value to our clients, and our Product Offering by detailing the Path to Leadership of the/their Larger Community.

When Engagement begins to occur and starts to gain traction, the effects of Social Media Marketing begin to hit Pay Dirt, because at the end of the day THE reason to deploy Social Media Marketing is to Rent More Apartments, and anything less is just a hobby