Explode into Spring!! – We have a Winner!!


close group w baloons

A huge Apartment Finder Congratulations to Pamela Hallmark, Senior Manager at the Parkland Commons, a Riverstone Community, in Charlotte, North Carolina!!!!

Pamela was chosen at random from hundreds of entries in the Apartment Finder “Explode into Spring” Facebook sweepstakes and won $500! AF Charlotte Publisher, Michael Kucera was very pleased and excited to learn that one of his advertisers had won the prize and that he and his team would be the ones to present it to her. “We can do it just like Publishers Clearing House,” he exclaimed, “and we can show up at her door with a big check and surprise her!” So, that’s just what they did – – –

“We had a lot of fun presenting the certificate and the check for $500 and Pamela was THRILLED to win. We (Gayle Sebastian and Cindy Petersen (AEs), Gracey Peterpaul (CSR) and I) also brought her some balloons and flowers. I brought my West African drum, we had orange pom -poms and a little orange megaphone, too. Once we were outside of the clubhouse, I began beating the drum while we all yelled PAM-E-LA!, PAM-E- LA!, PAM-E -LA!, PAM-E- LA! – – –
When we went inside she was all by herself and on the phone so we had to tone it down until she got off the phone. Then once she got off the phone we did a few more rounds of PAM-E-LA! I then explained that she was the winner. Pamela actually seemed a little teary at one point. Really was special for all of us :-)”
Congratulations again Pamela!!!