Facebook is Now the 4th Largest Site in the World!


Now more than ever, joining the Social Media World is fast becoming a key to success for many individuals and businesses across the country. One of the key tools in the Social Media arsenal, Facebook, reaches friends and prospects alike sharing news and information. According to an article from TechCrunch, “The global rise of Facebook is nothing less than astounding. In the month of June alone it gained 24 million unique visitors worldwide, compared to the month before, for a total of 340 million unique visitors worldwide. It is now the fourth largest site in the world, trailing only Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo sites.”

facebook rising

Worldwide unique visitors (June, 2009). Source: comScore

  1. Google Sites: 844 million
  2. Microsoft Sites: 691 million
  3. Yahoo! Sites: 581 million
  4. Facebook: 340 million
  5. Wikimedia Foundation sites: 303 million
  6. AOL: 280 million
  7. eBay: 233 million
  8. CBS Interactive: 186 million
  9. Amazon: 183 million
  10. Ask Network: 174 million