Five of the Trendiest Apartments in America

Author: Alecia Pirulis


Apartments are unique because they can be anything from a stepping-stone for an individual to someone’s most desirable living situation. Whether your apartment has an amazing view, is cozy and comfortable for your family or is the ultimate bachelor pad, many people view their past apartment with fond memories and their future apartments with excitement.

SRE Group searched throughout the country to find the five trendiest apartments in America. The winners were chosen based on the interior, the design, the view and the overall feel. We are very confident that each and every apartment on the list below could end up on your “most desirable living situation” list.

#5 – New York City Skyline Apartment
When you have a view of the most amazing skyline in the world from your bathroom, how can your apartment not make the top five list? The other rooms in this apartment are just as impressive (we know, it’s hard to believe).




#4 – Mansions at Acqualina
Mansions at Acqualina is a 47-story waterfront project, located at 17749 Collins Avenue in Miami, Florida, owned by the developer’s Eddie and Jules Trump. Everywhere you step in the luxury apartment you have a beautiful view of the ocean, which brings natural light to laminate the luxurious interior. Can you imagine waking up in that bed on a daily basis?

#3 – Luxury Penthouse Downtown Austin

While the price is far less expensive than number four and five, this apartment is in the heart of one of the most up and coming cities in America (Austin) which makes this lone star state pad number three on our list. This amazing penthouse is situated in the heart of the capital in the lone star state.

#2 – Downtown Chicago Apartment
With a view of Lake Michigan and the Chicago skyline, this cozy apartment ranks number two on our list. The inside has a cozy feel and would make living in the windy city a win-win situation!


#1 – Sun Set Strip Apartment

This trendy apartment in Los Angeles incorporates an open floor plan and floor-to-ceiling windows. Once again, the skyline is breathtaking with the combination of a mountain and city view.


Whether you agree or disagree with our list, we’d love to hear from you! Please voice your opinion in the comment section.

SRE Group, an apartment leader in Columbus, Ohio, contributed content for this article.