Fun with the Greystar Team

Author: Alecia Pirulis

The Greystar and Apartment Finder teams enjoyed a great dinner at Brainstorming in Houston. Lots of fun, good food, and lots of laughs – – definitely a great evening. Go Orange.


The Greystar Team: Central Senior Vice President Debbie Webre, Supervisors Darla Finol, Natalie Santibanez, Lisa Vercher from Houston. Marketing – Kim Carter, Misti Morales, Carina Bryars and Joanna Romero. Marketing from Atlanta – Cari Braun, Sam Posin Austin Marketing, Stephanie Puryear Helling, Vice President of Education & Marketing based in Austin. – And the Apartment Finder team: Marcia Bollinger, Mally Cook, Anita Alberger, Katie Hite, Carol Andrews and Krista Castillo.

and check out the slide show for more photos.
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