All I can say is, WOW!

Author: Alecia Pirulis

Geeks, Marketers, Networkers and more – all in one conference!

Just back and caught up from the better part of a week attending
the Apartment Internet Marketing conference (AIM) in beautiful
southern California, I’m still in the process of determining how best —
and most quickly — to implement all the great information I took
away from this power-packed conference.

For apartment operators/owners who haven’t yet attended AIM, why not??
Without a doubt, this is one of the most valuable conferences in the industry
for anyone in the business of marketing apartment communities. Without
sounding too much like a commercial, @Steve Lefkovitsdoes a remarkable
job of bringing both high-caliber speakers and high-quality content to the
table . . . in a smart format that lends itself to much discussion, tweeting,
posting, blogging and tremendous take-away value.

I was particularly impressed with the blend of multi-family leaders and
non-industry professionals as speakers . . . it gave the conference a depth
of perspective we don’t usually see. Hearing from folks like
Kevin Thompson, VP Marketing of AvalonBayand
Steve Taraborelli, VP of UDRgave us the industry knowledge and
outlook, while Sam Sebastian of Google and Ruben Sigala of Harrah’s
brought us information from core competencies outside of our general
industry expertise. From the latest with Google to the most current
SEO strategies, from revenue attribution to revenue management . . .
the wealth of new information was outstanding!

To check out the many great sound bites that the diligent tweeple in
attendance tweeted, search #aimconf on twitter.

Marcia Bollinger, James Stuart, Krista Castillo and Judy Bellack

Marcia Bollinger, James Stuart,
Krista Castillo and Judy Bellack