Generate Buzz About Your Community!


snack basketAn Ambassador Program is an inexpensive outreach marketing program to get in large corporations and universities. Here is a plan you can start using today to generate a buzz about your community and hopefully result in leases!

Overview: The Property Manager selects key residents to be an Ambassador for the community at their place of employment or local university. The residents are responsible for taking a basket, filled with items in Step 2, to their place of employment and/or university and place in a high traffic and visible location. When the basket is empty, they are to notify to the Property Manager who will then provide refills for the basket. Any leases that are a result from the baskets will pay a referral fee to the Ambassador Resident.

Step One: Select two to three key residents. Selection should be based on one of the following criteria:

  • Works at a large corporation nearby with access to a break room.
  • Involved at a local university with access to a student center.
  • Very personable and responsible.
  • Looking to earn extra money.

Step Two: Purchase a basket and prepare marketing materials to go in the basket:

  • Labels that can be placed on items such as candy bars, potato chips, water bottles that include Property contact information and a Special, i.e. “No application fee”
  • Community Brochures, flyers and/or marketing cards
  • Ink pens and note pads with Community’s logo and contact information.

Step Three: Put together the basket and deliver to the selected resident explaining the referral fee. As the resident notifies the PM, provide additional products and marketing collateral to restock the basket.

Note: Snack bags can be used, as well. Prepare brown bags labeled with your community’s information. Inside the bag place an apple, a bag of pretzels and a bottled water, all labeled with the community’s information. Also, include a community brochure and/or marketing card. Place in area break rooms for employees to pick up for an afternoon snack.

If you have any programs you have used or ideas you think would work, I encourage you to comment on this post and share with others.