Having a Great Time at NAA


NAA Stage

Friendly faces, beautiful weather, an amazing location – it is all coming together here at NAA and we’re having a great time meeting new people and reconnecting with old friends.

In case you missed it, our very own Andre Botieri’s presentation, “Improving Performance Through Personal Accountability,” was a huge hit! He wowed the standing-room-only crowd at the Boston Convention Center, so hats off to Andre!

Andre is right – accountability is key to performance. Apartment Finder provides real results to measure for success and accountability through AFResults.com. By tracking millions of interactions with consumers, we know exactly how to increase performance. That’s why we’re so comprehensive! We focus on delivering millions of connections to consumers by reaching them wherever and whenever they are ready to shop.

If you haven’t stopped by Booth #937 yet, hurry on over! We’re smiling over photos, handing out prizes to everyone who chooses to purchase with us, and having a great time. Come to our booth and discover how Apartment Finder delivers integrated marketing in today’s digital world.

Of course, we are taking some time to enjoy Boston – who could come to this wonderful city and not stop by Fenway Park? But even as we roam around Boston, we’re reminded of our purpose – sleek, modern buildings mingle with curvy, historic ones in a harmony that rivals the Boston Symphony and providing a beautiful, real-world example of how integration truly works.

Want to learn more about combining social, print, web, and mobile in a fully integrated approach? Stop by Booth #937 and we’ll tell you more! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter as we continue our NAA journey.