Highlights from the Apartment Finder Sales Training Conference

Author: Alecia Pirulis

Group in Lobby

Now that the dust has settled and the hallways at NCI are once again quiet, we’re reflecting back on the great week we just had with the 2014 AF University Team! The conference highlighted all aspects of Apartment Finder, and 31 salespeople from across the country – both executives and publishers – attended. AF management members served as trainers, with Apartment Finder President Marcia Bollinger leading many of the sessions.

Some great memories were made, from the orange buckets containing frigid ice water for the ALS Challenge to the invaluable knowledge gained during the training sessions. During the conference, pairs of salespeople took the stage, acting out selling challenges with one person acting as client and the other as an AF sales rep. The trainees were able to act out selling, overcoming obstacles, and making the best of opportunities. The purpose was to build confidence – and it certainly did, with the salespeople heading back to their markets to sell in “live action.”

One of the most valuable sessions for the trainees was the AF Panel of Experts, where members of AF management took the stage to answer questions from the group. Their knowledge and real-life experiences gave the trainees valuable wisdom to take back to their markets and use in their day-to-day selling experiences. The tips, examples, and “how to say it” scenarios will certainly give them confidence in day-to-day sales.

Of course, the week was as entertaining and fun as it was educational and inspiring:  chatting over breakfast, dinners out, and (of course!) the ALS Challenge, accepted in the parking lot of the hotel where the salespeople were staying. It was a great week, filled with team-building experiences and sharing of knowledge.

Bollinger summed up the week perfectly by saying, “I have been on cloud nine since the conference. It was a tremendous week of passion, sharing, knowledge, networking, and fun! I want to thank everyone for their participation and attendance. I feel so fortunate that we have such amazing talent at Apartment Finder! Our sales team makes our world go round – their energy, efforts, and contributions make us all successful.”