Ho Ho Ho! Tis the season to be jolly!!


This Christmas a few of my nieces and nephews have a Pillow Pet on their list. I know what these are because my great-nephew Xander has one and loves it! In Dallas last week I went on an adventure to find the Pillow Pet kiosk at the mall. I needed a Unicorn for Hannah, Lady Bug for Kinley, Turtle for Heath and Penguin for Randa. Should be easy enough! As I eyed the Pillow Pet sign, I rushed up to the kiosk to find an “out to lunch” sign. No problem, I just found what I needed and lined them up waiting for the lady to return to check me out.

As I stood there (near the – Get your picture with Santa line) an older couple approached the kiosk. They carefully looked over every pillow pet and talked and talked about something. As they got closer to me I realized they had two grandchildren but could only afford to buy one pillow pet – so they were trying to figure out which one would be appropriate for a girl and a boy to share. I couldn’t help myself – I asked them “Do you need to buy two pillow pets today.” They paused and said, “Well, we are buying one today for our grandkids to share”.

HMMMMM my wheels are turning, I said – “Well oh my goodness, I am a rep for Pillow Pet and I get to give a ‘2 for 1 purchase’ today to someone of my choosing. When the lady comes back from lunch, you pay for one, and I will pay for the second one, and my boss will reimburse me for it – as my “2 for 1 person choice”.

“Oh my gosh” the grandma exclaimed, “Harold, our prayer is answered from this morning, an Angel has touched us today.” I almost fell over with glee! The kiosk cashier came back from lunch, I told her to let this couple take the two pillow pets, but only ring one up, and to charge their second one on my order. She looked at me puzzled and said “OK, I am covering for my sick daughter today at the register, will you help me make sure I get all of these rung up correctly”.

“Of course I will!” The grandma and grandpa left smiling, hand in hand with their two pillow pets. As the lady was ringing me up – I explained that I wanted to pay for their second pillow pet as an act of kindness to a stranger. She said, “How did you get them to let you do that?” I said, “It is secret – if I tell, Santa won’t bring me anything for Christmas!” She just smiled packed up my 4 pillow pets and said, “Merry Christmas.” Don’t you know I will have a huge smile on my face when my nieces and nephews open their pillow pets at Mema’s house on Christmas Eve!!