How about Twitter as a resource for training?


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And you thought the tips on places to learn about the apartment industry from Michelle Roberts were over – – – well here’s one more . . .

Well, it is simple, easy to use and FREE! So, why not give it try! You can follow people and hear what they have to say about specific topics. There are groups you can easily associate yourself with by the simple use of a #hashtag. Real industry experts gather here, in groups, and discuss topics that range from “Content Strategy to boost SEO” to “Bed Bugs are bad for Business.”

Just a few minutes ago, and while on Twitter, I clicked on a link Lisa Trosien provided regarding demographic statistics and how they matter to your business. This landed me on a site called, a new source of information and training for me! The blog post listed 5 trends that the Census believes will matter to your business in 2012. I tweeted it back out, so if you are interested in reading it, you can follow me @seeshell143 on Twitter. Or if you follow Lisa @LisaTrosien, click on the link she provided.