How can re-tweets help you on Twitter?


Twitter is a fast-growing mystery to a lot of people. Last month alone, Twitter had 17 million unique users, making it the third largest social network. All in short, 140-character blasts.

While Twitter seems impenetrable, there are techniques to use to start building a viable presence on the service.twitter logo

Why does it matter? Twitter can be a good tool for alerting a local market to time-sensitive information — like a new referral program, a special Twitter-discount on an apartment, or the availability of a new unit.

We’ll take a look at a few different ways to think about Twitter on The Apartment Finder Blog. There are a lot of great articles out there.

Earlier this year, the social media blog Mashable ran a good post on how to build what it calls “thought capital” on Twitter.

An important feature is the re-tweet. This is a technique where you select the tweet of a person who you follow that you find interesting and you retweet it to your followers. (In most applications, a forward button is the indicator for the retweashley0206 twitter imageet function.)

What’s so good about re-distributing someone else’s observations? If you add a little comment to it, you can soup it up. Even without that comment, it shows something about you.

Retweets portray your values, your sense of humor, your interests. Your followers get to learn more about you while you engage, entertain and instruct them with someone else’s post. And as the value of retweets gain steam, not surprisingly, we see a lot of retweeted retweets.

Don’t become an inveterate retweeter. That’s bad manners.

But don’t go overboard. If you retweet too often, you dilute the message of the tweet. If you offer informative and valuable retweets, you will find that people will engage with you because of the shared interest or follow you because they see someone, like Sarah Evans, retweeting what you have said. Now, you are building your own capital.

The posts that will build your business are always focused on a specific offer. But the posts that will help you gain attention are the things that you find interesting and want to share with others that find you interesting.

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