How do you use Social Media?


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by Matt Fisher, Account Executive, Apartment Finder of Kansas City & Topeka

Like most industries, the people I talk to in the apartment industry know that social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and blogging offer a unique way to reach their current and prospective customers. They all instinctively know that these avenues are there and should be utilized; but actually doing so can be hard to accomplish. Valid excuses like a busy and already overextended staff, no room in the budget, concern over potential negative comments/feedback and a lack of expertise can quickly make these avenues a seem like a daunting chore. The good news is a Social Media plan can be implemented quickly and effectively. Once implemented, it can grow quickly and cost effectively. Communities can choose to do this work on their own, or work with a vendor who employs experts at social media.

Here are some examples of things a few of my clients do:

  • Increase interactivity by inviting residents to share photos of themselves, their pets, etc.
  • Blog about relevant and timely information – for example tornado preparedness in the Spring or events such as the Big 12 Basketball Tournament and activities in Kansas City
  • Include pictures of events (Ugly Sweater Contests, Pool parties, etc.)
  • Contests or drawings for renewals/referrals
  • Work with area merchants – post to your Facebook page if they have specials (Leap Day specials at a Yogurt Place for example).

Here are some links to a community doing all of this effectively:

The results of an integrated and consistent Social Media plan can greatly improve interaction with current and potential customers, increase important metrics like SEO and in general can be a fun and effective way to market your community as a place someone would want to live. Today’s consumers are getting info in a multitude of avenues. Facebook and Twitter are places your customers go daily (often spending way too much time there). It is vitally important to connect with them in these avenues – or you might lose their business to communities who do.

For information on how Apartment Finder can help you take advantage of blogging, Facebook and Twitter, call your local Apartment Finder rep.