How Managing a Multi-Unit Housing Project Seems Like Motherhood


Managers of multi-unit housing communities often tell us their jobs feel like motherhood. Cindi Russel, an Assistant Manager at MDIC, shared a few of her fondest memories so far managing communities in the Huntsville and Birmingham, AL market:
  • Memories. In my office is a wall of wedding invitations, baby announcements, and other updates from young adults who have lived there and have kept in touch. I enjoy working at MDIC because of the personal attention and warmth we bring to our communities.
  • What’s a check? Yes, I’ve had students ask me how to write a check. I guess they walked past that exhibit in the Smithsonian.
  • Liquid soap in dishwashers. Adorable story, big mess. I help train the husbands and wives of tomorrow.
  • Look ma, I’m a movie star! We have residents of all ages and backgrounds, and it is especially rewarding to hear from younger residents as they grow.
A multi-family housing development is not merely a cluster of buildings, it is a pleasant community that harbors singles and families. As Cyndi puts it, “we strive to make every MDIC home truly feel like your very own home.”