How to Attract Responsible Pet Owners



Since half of all potential renters own a pet (according to the American Veterinary Association), it makes sense that many apartment communities are becoming pet-friendly. The study “Companion Animal Renters and Pet-Friendly Housing in the US” by FIREPAW found that an additional 35 percent of renters without pets stated they would get a pet if their apartment community allowed it. And since the benefits of allowing pets — more potential renters to choose from, longer occupancy (since pet owners tend to stay put once they’ve found a pet-friendly location), and happier residents — outweigh the negatives, more apartment communities are joining the pet-friendly trend.

The common misconception that pets are too costly and problem-ridden to justify has been proven false — in fact, research shows that offering pet-friendly rentals can actually increase bottom-line profits. And the biggest worry by those who don’t allow pets — the fear of damage — is unfounded. In fact, less than half of those who allow pets have experienced any type of damage from pets, and that damage typically less than what is covered by the pet deposit.

Once you’ve decided to welcome pets into your community, how do you attract those responsible pet owners? One great way is to hold events that will attract them to you. Rosehill Pointe Apartments in Lenexa, Kansas held a Grand Re-Opening over theT.A.R.A Adoption Drive weekend to unveil their new dog park in addition to several other new amenities. This event included the Animal Rescue Alliance (T.A.R.A), there with adoptable pets and advice for potential pet owners, and the local police department did a canine dog show to tie in to the theme of keeping the community safe.

The Rosehill Pointe apartment manager had some great advice for renting to pet owners, as well. “When renting to a pet owner, we try to remember that pets are like children. We want them to have their space at the community. If problems arise, we try to always work issues out with the pet owners. We want them to know their pets are important to us. Our staff is accommodating to residents with pets if they have special needs when reporting a service request. We are here to make sure all residents have the best experience.”

For those considering the benefits and drawbacks of being pet-friendly, Rosehill Pointe serves as a great example of pet-friendliness done right: a welcoming attitude, beautiful spaces, and open communication.