If Your Company Won’t Pay – Here are 25 Ways to Still Make It To NAA

Author: Alecia Pirulis

See full size image OK, so the 2010 National Apartment Association Educational Conference and Expo are just three months away and your company has told you they just don’t have the money to pay for you to go this year. Well, get your head out of the sand and put your thinking cap on. If you really want to go then all you have to do is figure out a way to finance “Building the Future” or better known as the 2010 NAA conference.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to attend The National Apartment Association’s Conference and Expo about 15 times. Sometimes it was on my company’s dime and others on mine. You might wonder why I was willing to pay my own way. Well, I realized I was investing in my future. The motivation, education and networking opportunities I received by attending were worth every penny. I didn’t just happen upon my career today. I built it one brick at a time. Now you can start building yours too! Here are 25 Ways to make it to NAA if your company won’t pay.

  1. Ask everyone you see for a penny you will be amazed how many people will give you more than a penny. It adds up really quickly.
  2. Collect all your loose change. Look in the sofa, car, drawers and purses you are no longer carrying. My daughter found over $200 in our house and cars.
  3. Hold a car wash.
  4. Hold a pizza night at your local Dominos and share in the profits (schools do it why can’t you)
  5. Hold a Barbeque Dinner Fund Raiser at your community
  6. Hold a silent auction/ labor auction at your community. (walk dogs, hang pictures, clean apts, etc.)
  7. Hold a yard sale at your community and sell booth space to your residents
  8. Collect aluminum cans. You can get 25 to 90 cents per pound depending on the state and city you live in. In some states they are now paying for plastic bottles too.
  9. Hold a dinner delivery for your residents. They order dinner in advance and you work it out with local restaurants to do a profit share with them.
  10. Sell Easter Baskets
  11. Sell Mother’s Day Baskets
  12. Sell unwanted clothes to second hand stores or a Plato’s closet if you have one in your area.
  13. Put a change collection jar on the leasing desk and ask for donations to send the manager away for the week to get training on how to make the community an even better place to live
  14. Create a fundraising page on Facebook and send out a request to all your friends
  15. Create a fundraising webpage and email all your family and friends asking for donations
  16. Fly and stay on your rewards points or ask family members to donate their rewards points to you.
  17. Sell stuff you don’t need on Craigslist
  18. Do odd jobs for cash (walk dogs, water plants, clean apartments, etc.)
  19. Sell Your Gold
  20. Pawn stuff you don’t need
  21. OK, the next few may seem a little extreme: Donate Plasma (you can donate up to twice a week and it pays $35 a pop). That is $70 a week.
  22. Participate in medical research (pays anywhere from $75 to $300 per visit). There are studies on things like heartburn and allergies all the time.
  23. Get a zero interest credit card and only put your trip to NAA on it, then pay it off before interest starts.
  24. Egg or Sperm Donation (I hear this pays big time if you don’t mind wondering how many offspring you have running around!)
  25. When all else fails, head to the Casino or play POWERBALL.


  • NAA has just announced a video contest. All you have to do is create a video on why you need to attend NAA. Visit Naahq.org today for more information.
  • Also, you can visit http://www.naahq.org/educonf/Apartmentfinder for a special savings of $90 off your registration fee. See, I just gave you Ninety dollars to your cause. Make sure to register by April 30th otherwise you will have your savings slip away.

Hey! And once you are in New Orleans don’t forget to visit me at the Apartment Finder‘s Booth #1315 and tell me how you made it to NAA!

If you have any other fundraising successes feel free to share them by commenting on my blog. NAA Orl 08