Interesting facts about leads: A lot come from print & a lot aren't followed through


A recent post on shared some interesting data about leads provided by industry vendor CallSource.

The highlights? 68% of leads processed by CallSource in April came from integrated print & internet advertising, while 32% came from Internet-only advertising. And, despite an industry-wide focus on improving lead management, leasing consultants are still letting a lot of potential businescallsource lead info.jpgs fall through the cracks.

A first point: Integrated media — print & web distribution combined — is a big driver of leads.

In April, CallSource reports that it processed 493,500 phone calls for its multi-family clients. (This largely includes media partners and property management companies.)

Of those 493,500 calls, 32%, or 156,180 calls came from Internet-coded sources. 68%, or 337,320 calls, came from other advertising sources, primarily print and integrated print/internet advertising sources.

As far as lead management goes, there’s room for improvement.

Leasing professionals often did not even ask for the caller’s name (only 74% of the calls), and only 23% of calls from qualified renters were converted into appointments.

Leasing professionals also frequently neglected to ask how the caller heard about the apartment community.

The data points to some low-hanging fruit for property managers looking to improve the bottom line. The solution: Training and tracking to ensure that your leasing consultants are employing best practices.

You can read the entire article here.