It’s time for Mania!!! – Celebrate these People!


Mary Spain 2

Not only will Iowa be hosting the first in the Nation Political Caucus on January 3, 2012 but they will also be hosting one of the first in the Nation NAA Maintenance Mania events. On January 26, 2012 the best of the best will come together courtesy of the Central Iowa Apartment Alliance and its Vendor Members. This event will be chaired by yours truly, along with a committee of dedicated industry professionals, and a host of volunteers.

If you have not attended a Maintenance Mania event you have no idea what you are missing. This is one of the most exciting events in the industry which engages technicians to utilize their skill, intelligence, and creativity to win games and or races designed to test their skills. It is action packed and fast paced. The technicians get to shine.

The event has given me pause to get back to my roots as an Apartment Management professional and reflect on the men and women I have known over the years who not only have served me well as employees, but those I have met that truly love this industry and stay involved with it in one way or another, because they truly care.

I have been thinking of them lately and what they did for me as employees, friends, and what seems like family, and how much these people have meant to me over the years.

Their names are that of which I will never forget, Tim, Tom, Big John, Gordy, Bob, Murph, Kerry, Brian, and Mary, and some names I have forgotten, but the faces are right there in my memory, and their names right on the tip of my tongue. It is easy to remember the good ones, and most of them were, and the challenging ones were equally endearing, and meaningful to each daily adventure onsite.

Three of my past employees remain in the industry; two unfortunately are deceased, one a policeman, and one a minister. Interesting changes of profession, from make readies and repairs, to making arrests, and mending souls. Each brought a very special element of delight and learning to my life over the years. The ones who worked through thick and thin, hot and cold, dry and wet, and the craziest of conditions, and amazingly I knew at times they went above and beyond, and sometimes it was just for me!

There are the ones I have met in the last years serving on the Board of Directors of the CIAA who have made great commitments to their profession and that organization. Bill, David, Randy. Trevor and Jim. Volunteering attending and being a guide for those who are like them. All this time making me feel like they are doing it just for me!

I am calling out for each and every one of you to take note of those they have surrounded themselves with in the work place. Celebrate them. Let them know they are appreciated especially in these times of doing more with less. These are the people who have made me and you look like heroes in our profession as we chose to surround ourselves with valuable, intelligent worth while individuals. Savor the friendships and the memories.

I am fortunate enough to be working on this event where men and women of the industry will get the very recognition that Maintenance Mania can bring to the table. I am going to chair the event with enthusiasm and pride, and this time I will be doing it just for them!

Find an event in your area, support, attend, enjoy, even if it’s just for me!