Just a piece of pizza!


A couple of weeks ago, I saw a group of boys about 15 – 16 years old. They were all eating pizza like it was their last meal – shoving it down. Well, all but one boy who kept trying to get a bite from one of his buddies’ pizza.

I was standing at the same table with this group – so I asked “where have you been?” One boy said, “we just got back from Italy and were in a World Soccer Tournament – we won 5th place!” We are headed home now.” I told them all, “Congratulations – how cool!” A couple of the boys continued to talk about their adventure – well all but one boy. I asked him “why are you not eating pizza?” At which time one of his friends said “he doesn’t have any money to eat.” Quickly I grabbed $20 from my purse and handed it to the boy “Go now and get your pizza so you can get to your gate”….he was very shy and said “oh no ma’ am, I cannot do that.” And I said “I insist, I have 28 nieces and nephews and I hope that if they ever need a meal in an airport, someone will take care of them.” He rushed to the pizza counter and came back to give me the change. Really? I said, “you keep the change for later, you may need it!” He smiled and gave me a hug and began to eat pepperoni pizza! Just being nice and showing kindness!!