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Mgmt Meeting 11 10

The AF Management team met last week to discuss the Apartment Finder business and reflect on our accomplishments and challenges from the past year.

Mgmt Meeting 11 10

We found that our 4 cornerstones continue to be a strong and valid base by which to manage our business today as we evolve to meet the ever- changing needs of our clients: Product Quality, Superior/Flexible Service, Prospect-Focused Distribution and Innovative Leadership . . .

Apartment Finder.com continues to innovate in the area of SEO with unique, original content and that people like to access, enriching our Internet Marketing and helping our clients build their social networking. Our parent company, NCI, was the first to launch into the arena of social media marketing with our CommunitySherpa program, where we create and maintain client blogs, building online communities with far-reaching SEO capabilities, improving search results, increasing referrals, enhancing retention and delivering measurable results.

A highlight of our meeting was the presentation by Mack Collier, well-known in the blogging world for his innovative and effective strategies, and as a highly sought-after trainer, consultant and speaker in the social media world. Mack shared his perspective of social media and how blogs help to drive SEO. His article http://mackcollier.com/how-social-media-saved-one-company-over-100000/ is outstanding, underscoring the ROI of AF’s CommunitySherpa program.

Distribution is another key to our success. Our 5-point distribution strategy unlocks the power of Apartment Finder’s prospect-focused internet distribution and is a proven way to find shoppers in “search” mode online. While others in the media sector of the multi-housing industry are diminishing locations and print runs, Apartment Finder continues to maintain a strong presence both on land and on line to drive qualified results for advertisers.

We continue to lead the way for our clients and our new management tool, AFResults.com shows them just how much . . . What gets measured, gets managed! One out of every five search terms on Google have never been searched before . . . and with this new tool, Apartment Finder can show clients the specific keywords that drove traffic to their community page.

The AF team is stronger than ever and committed to bringing fresh, innovative ideas and programs to our customers to drive new prospects, enhance retention, build SEO and deliver measurable results. We generate leads that turn into leases!