Make someone's day!



New to the Orange World are postings of random acts of kindness

. As we near the end of another year, it is time to reflect and adopt a more giving nature! I have been on a path of giving back, paying it forward and doing random acts of kindness!

This idea came to me a couple years ago when a gentleman I do not know, gave me a guitar signed by many famous bands, Gin Blossoms and others, for my terminally ill brother Paul. As the story goes….Sept 25, 2008 – I sat at a table with a gentleman at the food court in the airport that I rarely frequent, as it was jam packed. While eating we visited about where each other was going – I told him I was on my way to a birthday celebration for my brother who was turning 50 and was terminally ill. My brother Paul loves to play guitar, and had recently been robbed of his guitars from a break-in to his home. I told of how my brothers and sisters had planned this grande birthday celebration at a deck party at one of my brother’s home. We hired a well known local band to play – and Paul wanted to join them on stage to play guitar – one of his last bucket list items. So, our family made it happen – a trailer for the stage, the deck was finished being built, and we had 100 towns-people coming to celebrate Paul’s life.

The stranger had this guitar with him, and said, please take this to your brother. I need to pay something forward, and I won this guitar at the auction for a charity fundraiser last night in Florida. I said, “Oh no I cannot take this, it is just too much.” The Fender guitar is my brothers favorite and I admit I did think, wow, wouldn’t this just be such a cool birthday present. He said, “look, sometimes in your lifetime you have to let things happened for a reason, take this guitar, let your brother play it on stage, and let me ‘pay it forward’. I am going to walk away, and leave the guitar leaned against our table, TAKE IT!” The stranger left, and I looked around to see if I was on candid camera or on a show “would you accept something from a stranger in an airport story’. Nothing, except an elderly couple sitting at the table next to me, apparently listening the entire time – the lady spoke up “honey, take that guitar to your brother and make his day special’. Make his dream come true.” I think she was an angel!

So, I threw the guitar over my shoulder and boarded my plane. The stewardess helped me place it safely in the cabin. I called my nephew Bradley as soon as the plane landed and told him the story. Bradley exclaimed – “Oh my gosh, my dad and I were just playing Gin Blossoms yesterday and he told me that is his all time favorite band. Are you sure they signed the Fender guitar?” “Yes, and 4 other famous bands!”. Well as the story goes, I walked to the stage with my youngest brother, Jeremy, to present Paul the guitar that Saturday night with tears in my eyes. I told the story to the silent crowd. Tears were falling across then entire group. As Paul walked to the stage to play “House of the Rising Sun” for me, I finished by saying, there was one request from the stranger in the airport “Marcia, take this and make a dying man happy for a moment in time, pay this forward. – And all I ask is that you pay it forward when you can. And ask others to do the same.”

So because of my heavy travel schedule – I have chosen to do many of my Random Acts of Kindness in airports. Or to a hungry person on the side of the street. So as I experience these amazing moments in time – I will share them and encourage others to do random act of kindness!