Make Your Customer the Hero

Author: Alecia Pirulis

Your customer or resident should be your hero. Customers and apartment residents come and go for a multitude of reasons and understanding those reasons and learning how to “connect” with them is key to resident retention.

“Think about it, if you couple the advent of the internet with the understanding that people are innately social – toss in a few platforms where they can observe, connect or participate and you have the perfect recipie for resident retention.The best subject about which you can write on your business blog is not your business, but your customers. Make your customer the hero. You are the that person in the hero’s story who provides the sage advice or the whiz-bang gadgetry the hero needs. But you’re not the hero. Your customer is.

People don’t want to hear about you, they want to hear about themselves. More precisely, they don’t want to hear you talk about yourself. They want to see their own fantasies and fears confirmed and reflected back at them. They want to know that you get them. Adopting this point of view and remembering to do this isn’t easy.

Your resident is your customer hero! Treat them like one.

Your resident is your customer hero! Treat them like one.

How to Make your Customer the Hero

  • Feature extended customer profiles or write-ups.
  • Treat your customers as heroes who are solving problems and succeeding.
  • Publicly point out on the blog when a customer does something noteworthy with your product or as a result of using your services. Give them a gold star, a pat on the back, a high-five on the blog.
  • Invite your customers to tell their success stories in their own words as guest posters on your blog. Especially if you can get them to do it in a video.
  • Interview your customers: grab your Flip or your video phone or whatever and visit them. Talk with them about what they’re doing and the results they’re achieving. If you don’t have a video camera, then use Skype with PrettyMay or a service like to record your interview. This is a case where video or audio will make a more visceral impact on your blog readers. Certainly, you can just do a written interview.
  • Subscribe to as many feeds from your customers as you can so you have access to this information. Your customers, by the way, will be flattered you’re paying attention. Call them up and email them to specifically ask what they’re doing (bonus result: you’ll be able to use this information to improve your business, not just market it more effectively).

Why You Want to Do This

Write about what your customers are doing, and prospects will want to become customers more readily. Why? Because they’ll see what they’ll get. They’ll imagine themselves being your customer more easily. And that, my friends, is powerful mojo.”