Move The Google Needle


Google Needle, Google Juice, Google Page Rankings


What does all of this noise really mean, and moreover, what does it have to do with Renting More Apartments?

At the Urbane Lab, we have put a lot of effort and resources into figuring out how to get our apartment listings to rank high on a Google search. High, as in Page One, Number One!

Consider this from Channel Adviser, their newest White Paper,

How Consumers Shop Online,

1. Eighty one percent of consumers begin their product searches with Google and 11 percent begin with Yahoo. This represents an increase of five percentage points for Google, with a six percent decrease for Yahoo usage. (This should convince you how important it is for your site to be listed on Google Local, as well as appear high in the Google search engine results.)
2. Peer ratings/reviews hold more influence over shoppers’ buying decisions than they did one year ago. (As we know, ratings sites like Yelp and AptRatings are carrying more and more weight in prospective renters’ decisions.)
3. Consumers are spending approximately the same amount of time online but are spending less money. They are searching the internet for deals that yield higher savings and offer extra value. (Make sure your advertisements indicate your *value* proposition to your prospective renters.)

You can download the entire White Paper here

Apartment Executives should NOT assume that their Marketing Directors understand Internet Marketing, How could they if they have been focused on Renting Apartments.

Who Is Paying Attention
Are apartment executives paying any attention to the manor in which folks shop on line? 81% is a staggering number. We LOVE numbers and percentages in our business, but are we really paying any attention to THESE Numbers?

Testing Is Easy
Testing has never been easier, you don’t need any fancy report or outside agency or consultant to find out, Just simply Google Your Company Name. Just Google (Your City) Apartments. Do you see your company when you do that; it only takes a few seconds to try it.

For more tips on Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization for your apartment community, we welcome your attendance at Brainstorming, We are at the Collaboration Stations in Resource Room Breakfast area, Table Six, from 8:15 to 10:00 AM Thursday morning.

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