Apartment Finder Orange at NAA!


Flash Mob Fun

The Apartment Finder Team made a huge splash and had a fantastic time at the National Apartment Association Education Conference & Exposition in Las Vegas!

The first day began with the kickoff party to pump everyone up. They split the room into two teams, and played a game of answering trivia questions about NAA. When one side of the room got a correct answer, they would shoot dollars bills out of a money gun. It was great! The best part was the host of the event – he was referred to as “Pelvis” (Pete + Elvis).

 Condoleezza Rice Speaking at NAA 2011

After the kickoff party, they opened up the first general session with guest speaker Condoleezza Rice. This was an absolutely AMAZING experience! She is one of the most dynamic and inspirational speakers I think any of us (and there were nearly 6,000 people in the room) have ever heard. What a way to get the show going!

A parade of attendees marched on to the trade show floor and saw the sea of ORANGE to represent Apartment Finder! We had clients coming by throughout the day joining in our “Flash Mob” participation competition where the most enthusiastic participants were awarded $100 cash prizes!

The first night closed with the Mandalay Bay Beach Party. with over 4,000+ people hanging out around the pool and enjoying the great music from the live band. Beverages flowed, food stations abounded, beach balls were tossed, and feet in the water kept people cool!


Friday was just as fun! The trade show continued, and the Flash Mob group captivated attendees with their music. A great amount of buzz hovered over the tower of Coach purses, and it was another successful day of making lots of clients happy with superior Orange Service!

-Robert Gasteiger (Publisher-Orange County, CA)

AF Orange Conga Line

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 and Robert Gasteiger (Left to Right)

Flash Mob Fun