Need a ride to the show?


On my amazing journey to the Alabama Apartment Association State Trade Show I had a unique experience happen at a Hilton Hotel. It was time to venture over to the trade show from the hotel. I had gone to the desk at the Hilton Perimeter a couple times to check on the shuttle to take me and one of my VPs, Patty Crawford, over to the convention center. The driver had taken off for the airport, so the registration desk team called to the kitchen and asked Master Chef Joe to come give Patty and me a ride over to the conference. “Oh, we can just jump in a cab” we exclaimed. “Oh no” the desk clerk said, “Chef Joe would be happy to drive you over, it will take another 30 mins for a taxi to arrive.”

Marcia Bollinger, Chef Joe, Patty Crawford

Marcia Bollinger, Chef Joe, Patty Crawford

So Patty and I giggled as we saw a man come out of the kitchen in “full Chef gear” and said, “let’s go Chef Joe.” We chatted as we drove and learned that Chef Joe was getting a new car that day for his wife as the one we were riding in had been totaled and was not fixed properly; hence all the rattles and loose sounding metal parts tumbling the back. We just laughed!

Chef Joe has a 5 year old son, Joey, so when we got out of the car, we decided to leave a nice large tip on Joe’s seat so he could take his wife and Joey out for pizza! Chef Joe, said “no way, I cannot do that, I will put this money back in your room!” We just dropped the cash in the seat and walked inside, knowing he didn’t have our names or know our room numbers! We got to “Be nice to a stranger who was nice to us and that felt great.”

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A pic of the goodies from Chef Joe

Well, when I got back to my room that evening after a great tradeshow with our Orange team, I was amazed to see 8 champagne glasses sitting on my counter full of jelly beans, pretzels, candy, nuts and a note from Chef Joe saying to come down in the morning to the restaurant for a FREE breakfast on him!! OMG – what a surprise. We went down for breakfast in the morning, and there was Chef Joe with his team treating us like royalty! He told us stories about how he was a very famous chef on huge yachts for years for very famous people, but he decided to settle down and raise a family in Bham!

We shared our goodies with our MidSouth Orange Team – and when our lunch was served during our Finder team meeting – Chef Joe came out of the kitchen to say hello to our team! They were touched by our random act of kindness to Chef Joe who didn’t mind coming out of the kitchen for 10 minutes to give two gals a ride to the trade show so we wouldn’t be late! Just saying – being nice pays off and gives you some of the most unique experiences!