New social media features for apartment shoppers on


sayit.jpgWe’ve added some new social media features to that we wanted to share with everyone.

First, we got thinking about what sort of information apartment shoppers and residents would be interested in sharing. Knowing about the community is good, and there are a bunch of sites that people are able to use to read apartment reviews. But what about everything around the community? The fun stuff, like where the best place to eat is, who has the best Happy Hour, where you can go on a date to have a terrific time? Those are the kinds of things that you’re always interested in learning about.

sayit forum.jpgSo, we decided to give our users a place to share that info. Log onto sometime today, run a search, and look at the top of the left-hand column. We’ve introduced Say It!, a feature that lets users share some of their favorites. Click through to the forums and you’ll see the different contributions people have made. You can browse, comment, include a link. It’s just a fun and easy way to learn things about a new neighborhood, or even your current neighborhood.

fbconnect.jpgYou’ll notice another new development when you log onto to to check out Say It!: A blue rectangular box that says “Connect with Facebook.”

We’ve linked the Facebook and registration systems together, so that a Facebook user can move content easily from ApartmentFinder right into their Facebook profile or page.

fb profile connect.jpgWhy would they want to do this? Well, there are a couple of things that come to mind. First, they can save their searches right to the Facebook page, so that they can click from their profile and see the apartments they are interested in. Second, they can share a specific community to their Facebook profile, to let their friends know that they’re thinking about moving there.

The Facebook Connect feature on ApartmentFinder is just another example of how we’re trying to make it as easy as possible for apartment shoppers to connect with our customers. Apartment shoppers spend time in their social networks almost every day: why not give them a way to get their apartment shopping done a little easier using those tools as well.

We’re having a lot of fun developing these new solutions and there’s more to come. Next week, we’ll tell you about how we’re going to link Facebook with your apartment community information — it’s a really cool way to expand your distribution.

Let us know what you think!