‘Olympic’ sized fun!



by Krisha Smith, AF OKC Publisher

Oklahoma City was the host city this year for the OMHA/Oklahoma Multi-Family Housing Association event including the Tulsa and Stillwater Apartment Associations, Thursday, March 29th. And what fun was had by all at the show!

AF Orange power was at its best in this Olympic-themed show with high attendance. At the AF booth, our clients were able to take a NERF crossbow shot at a chance to win an iPad! One could see that property management frustrations were released while firing at the target, too! We had a blast watching our clients hit (and miss) the target. As always, valuable networking, laughter, and great fun is always present with AF Orange!

Shannon, with Council Place, Case and Associates, was the lucky winner of the iPad!

The Orange Team celebrated after the tradeshow with some clients at Mickey Mantel’s. From left to right front, Courtney Chamblin, Krisha Smith, Marcia B and Rosann Vaughn (Capital Assets). Back, Mica Lee, Crystal Tolen, Miranda Hanes and Gary Goss (Lynco Inc)
AF Orange Team!! Courtney Chamblin (OKC AE), Mica Lee (Tulsa and OKC AE), Miranda Hanes (Tulsa and NWAR AE). Back, Crystal Tolen (Tulsa and NWAR Pub) Marcia B and Krisha Smith (OKC Pub).