Orange Socks – who would have thought!


california waiter socks

We had the most amazing thing happen at lunch! We’re at this hot new restaurant, Mash’d up in Frisco, TX,, and the waiter glances down–sees our bright orange Finder bags. A knowing look of recognition flashes across his face and he says, “Oh my gosh! You guys are the ones with the great orange socks! And you have an awesome website too…I mean…but I just love those orange socks!”

We all cracked up and thought–wow! Here we are in Frisco, TX hearing this fun waiter, Casey, talking about our SOCKS. Who knew that those cushy orange socks would have gained so much awareness for our Apartment Finder brand. – – – Great story!

And to add to the story, the AF Dallas staff celebrated Christmas Cheer with 10+ years with AF for many, and toasted other milestones achievements for others.
(Sale Person of the Year for 2013–Christina Russo for the 5th year in a row!)

Shown (clockwise L to R) Marcia Bollinger, Shannon Cleveland, Collette Jackson, Paige Olsen, Kevin Telfer, Michael Follis, Wesley Chapman, Christina Russo, Gina Schuler, Russell Ramey, Elizabeth DeBruine Pedroza, Somer Rogers, Shane lkins, Krista Castillo…and our waiter–Casey!