People shouldn’t lose their homes!!


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Fran McManus, Sr Publisher for the Apartment Finder N.California encourages everyone to get involved and make a difference – – – she does!! Fran says “the Housing Industry Foundation believes people shouldn’t lose their home because they fall on hard times or are poor.” Serving on the Housing Industry Foundation Board of Directors Fran said, “Every day, we fund emergency grants for the working poor to remain in their homes or return to stable housing because everyone deserves a home. Our mission is to help individuals and families either remain in or return to stable housing and to assist with special housing projects or renovations in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties. In addition, HIF supports efforts to identify long term solutions to the lack of affordable housing in our community.”

A little info about HIF:
Since 1989, HIF has been a multi-family housing industry-based organization with its support coming from local companies and individuals, such as apartment owners, builders, Realtors, mortgage bankers, accountants, attorneys, insurance companies and other related businesses.

  • HIF has helped over 10,000 households overcome a housing crisis through emergency grants for housing expenses and by rehabilitating housing units for the working poor and other special needs populations.
  • HIF leverages the board’s contacts and expertise to minimize costs and maximize output to the community. All administrative costs are supported by contributions from the board of directors. 100% of all additional funds go back to the community.
  • HIF collaborates with a network of partner agencies that provide the casework for our emergency housing grants of up to $1,000 benefiting low-income households threatened with homelessness. Grants are funded within 24 hours of request and may be used for rent, mortgage, security deposit or utilities. Last year, HIF made 298 grants totaling $256K helping 420 adults and 449 children avoid homelessness.
  • HIF completes renovations at no cost to non-profit housing providers to improve the living conditions for their clients.

Emergency Housing Grants……………….

  • A single mother of three girls was laid off from work because of the poor economy. She spent 4 months in transitional housing where she saved money to purchase a moderately priced vehicle. She returned to work part-time on a contract basis until her company was able to hire her back full-time reinstating her tenure and full benefits. Today, Karen is incredibly happy and excited to pay her rent each month.
  • “I can’t say enough of how grateful I am to receive this grant. I have my own place for the first time in ten years! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to have my own place.”-Mark
  • An 8 month pregnant mother and her toddler were forced to leave their rental home without advance notice when the house foreclosed. They moved into a shelter where the baby was born with multiple medical conditions. The mother was able to find services to help with the baby and returned to work. She did not receive child support. They found an affordable apartment, but needed assistance with the high move-in costs. HIF made it possible for the small family to return to stable housing.

………………….and Shelter Renovations

  • City Team Ministries’ House of Grace is a transitional house for women in recovery helping women suffering from addiction, abuse, abandonment, crisis pregnancy, and homelessness. HIF remodeled seven bathrooms with $15,386 cash and $18,831 in-kind totaling $34,217. Work included bathroom demolition; sheet rock repairs; installation of new vanities, counter tops, GFI receptacles, faucets, toilets, plumbing, and vinyl flooring.
  • Shelter Network’s Haven Family House provides safe, clean, and modern shelter, nutritious food, comprehensive counseling services, programs for children, and job and housing searches. The programs ensure that the community’s most vulnerable members have the opportunity to return to self sufficiency and a place they can call “home”.

For more information on how you can help contact Meta Ware at and more information on how you can make a difference go to . Call 408-935-9202