Planning your customer experience is important to having a good marketing outcome


A lot of companies are trying to figure out how to improve their marketing results these days. One of the best ways to make your marketing work is to think about how the customer is going to experience you. WhaAveus Logot is it going to be like for them to place an order, get a service and try to get a complaint resolved.

The consulting firm Aveus does a lot of work in this area that I find interesting. Here’s a good high level look at some of their thinking.

Today’s customers are in control
Tools like the Internet have helped make customers more savvy. They have more ways to interact with you and they can decide which one to use – whether they’d like to talk to you in person, visit your web site, or dial up your call center. Today’s customers have little patience for bad experiences like unhelpful customer service, out-of-date information, or discrepancies between advertisements and in-store realities. If you want to win their business, you’ll need to create a consistent customer experience tailored to their needs every step of the way.

You can find the article here.