Plant a Seed and Catch a Fish


I read an interesting article today by John Jantsch: 5 Ways to Grow Your Local Business with Social Media – simple, yet right-on methods to catch fish in the sea of social media. It makes no difference if your business is the neighborhood coffee shop, the movie theater at the mall or the apartment community around the corner, your prospects and customers are living in a “social-world” and you need to get out there! Your social-media strategy should be tailored to the needs of the local audience you want to attract . . . you don’t need to win over every last Facebook user.

So how do you do it? Your strategy doesn’t need to be complicated. Start a network online; create your own blog or network with relevant bloggers locally. “Talk” to people in your network and comment on the blog posts of others in your target category to create wide-spread exposure. Get a conversation going. Talk about issues that are relevant to your audience and get involved. Creating exciting copy that folks want to read and come back for more doesn’t happen overnight, it’s definitely a process, so start now.

Gather an audience. Think about kicking off a weekly TweetUp, an online meeting to discuss local issues in real-time. Another great idea is to use a social media tool like MeetUp to find groups of people in your area with your same interests to promote local events and create awareness for your business.

Social media is definitely a way to access large groups of people and has given small and large businesses a new way to find local leads, prospects, business partners, customers and friends. They’re all right in your social media backyard!