“Presidential” Leadership in Texas

Author: Alecia Pirulis

The Apartment Finder has 4 Cornerstones for the basis of our business: Product Quality, Prospect-Focused Distribution, Superior Flexible Service and Leadership.

This article will focus on leadership and today I wanted to write about a different kind of leader, one of Presidential caliber. I’m not writing about next year’s Presidential election with its myriad candidates, this person has already become President. The leader I’m writing about is Traci Hall, Senior Vice President of AMLI Residential and our newly installed President of the Apartment Association of Tarrant County. I chose Traci as the subject of today’s article because she has already demonstrated a succinct knowledge of what is going on in the apartment industry today, and the steps that need to be taken to move the industry to the next level.

Traci has been in the apartment industry for over 22 years, starting as a leasing agent in Carrollton Texas. She leased her first apartment to the first person she met at the property on her first day. When her property was bought by AMLI in 1991, she says she made the best decision of her life and joined AMLI. She currently supervises over 30 communities from Texas to Seattle to Southern California. She has held roles from Leasing Agent, Community Supervisor, Director of Marketing and Training, Regional Vice President, and in 2007, she was promoted to Senior Vice President. Traci currently lives in McKinney Texas with her husband Kent, 16 year old son Tanner and 12 year old daughter Avery.

Traci has always been actively involved in local and state apartment associations as well: AAKC Board of Directors 1997-2006, President AAKC 2004-2005NAA RVP Region 5 2004-2006 AATC Board of Directors 2006- Current TAA BOD – 2007 – current TAA Executive Committee – 2010 – Current CPM – 1998 CAPS

Traci has big plans during her Presidency over the next year.

  • Growing new leadership in the industry – She wants to be a mentor to someone in the industry and bring them to the table. In her words, “The millennial generation wants to do it “differently” and we need to be open to doing it differently as we shape new leadership. This is a good thing if we can keep this industry attractive to Gen Y. They have cultural acceptance, unique social skills, work life balance and knowledge that will continue to push the industry forward.”
  • Traci will focus on Technology and integrate how people want to do business and lease apartments through social networking, texting, tablets, etc. into the way we execute in our industry. She believes integrating the technology that changes quickly will be key and that there are obvious leaders in the industry, but asks how do we catch others up?
  • On the issue of Immigration. Traci says it is complicated and very uncertain how as housing providers and employers, we can be put in the middle of a process we have little control over. She believes this is a passionate topic, sure to continue to see headlines in the near future.
  • Traci wants to see strong advocacy continue and improve in the industry. She adds, “As cities and counties need to generate revenue, they will continue to generate pressure in our industry as we are saddled with extraneous fees and inspections.”
  • Her favorite event is the annual Marines Toys for Tots toy drive hosted by the AATC and Apartment Association of Greater Dallas. Traci wants to make this year’s event the largest ever in the history of the Association. For more info on the event or to donate, please go to aatcnet.org or email sgrissom@aatcnet.org.

The Apartment Finder wants to congratulate Traci on her installation as the AATC President and thank her for her many contributions to the industy. We know she will have an extremely productive year, and she is the kind of leader we know can get her goals accomplished and lead the apartment industry in North Texas to new heights!