Print Library Catalog Bites the Dust, Why Community Ads Should Turn Digital

Author: Lauren Ross

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Another one bites the dust. The print card catalog that has been used in libraries for more than a century is officially gone, according to the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC).  The OCLC is the leading global library cooperative, and its President and CEO Skip Prichard, has confirmed to the world that the final shipment of custom-print cards has been sent out to Concordia College library in Bronxville, New York.

Now this probably doesn’t come as a shock to anyone, since print has significantly declined throughout the past decade. With the release of e-books and cloud-sharing technology, many publishing service groups are turning to digital content and online filing databases, respectively.

Libraries have been converting to electronic catalogs for years. Many of them are globally interconnected through a string of high-speed networks, which allow eager readers and information seekers to look up novels wherever they may be in the world.

In sync to this industry change, Apartment Finder is going all-digital, too – and we want you to Join Us! The internet is a huge customer base for the multifamily industry, because many apartment seekers are looking for their next home online and through mobile devices – wherever they may be. With a digital advertisement and CoStar’s extensive network of resources, Apartment Finder is dedicated to bringing you well-qualified leads to your apartment community.

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