Renting makes you thinner?


Here’s a great way to tout the benefits of renting: you’ll be happier and THINNER than your average homeowner.

It’s from a research paper out of the University of Pennsylvania, so it must be true. And, even if it’s not, it’s interesting.

The full paper is here as a PDF.

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What if home ownership really isn’t the American Dream? A research paper released by a real-estate professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School starts the debate. And with these delicious findings: Renters are not only happier than the average homeowner, but they’re thinner, too.
The average homeowner, however, consistently derives more pain (but no more joy) from their house and home,” writes Grace Wong Bucchianeri, an assistant professor at Wharton. The report also says that homeowners, on average, spend less leisure time than those who don’t own homes.
Oh, and here’s the knife twist: According to this report, the average homeowner is about 12 pounds heavier than those who rent.