Resident Retention Ideas – Tips for Keeping Happy Residents….


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  • “We Love Our Residents” As today is Valentine’s Day, why not show how much you appreciate your residents by sending a Valentine Candy Gram? Print and place a candy gram on each resident’s door encouraging them to stop by the leasing office. Then, have your leasing office decorated in a Valentine inspired theme and have individually wrapped Valentine candies and chocolates in the leasing office. Placing these delectable’s on a festive table covered with red and pink will enhance the visual. Set aside some time for your leasing team to be available to meet and greet with residents as they stop by the office. This is a great way to connect with your residents and offer some one on one time. – – – and you don’t necessarily have to do it just on Valentine’s Day! Any day can be a special day to show your residents how much you appreciate them!
  • Ever thought of offering a Community Library at your property? – Convert an empty closet or storage area into a small library for your residents! Begin advertising this idea in your community newsletter, and ask residents to donate books and magazines they no longer need or use. You will be amazed how quickly the donations will start to pour in! You might also want to visit a used bookstore or local library to pick up some great books at cheap prices. This Community Library is a great resource for both kids and adults alike.
  • Poolside PleasuresWarmer weather will soon be upon us and soon we will see residents starting to enjoy the outdoors. As your residents are relaxing by the pool, why not make available to them some reading pleasure? Ever thought of buying some current magazines and encasing them in plastic covers? Allow your residents to check these out and read at the pool. To promote this amenity, advertise this in your community newsletter. This service is a nice touch that will save your resident time and money and will allow you to connect for a few minutes with your resident when they stop by to check out their reading material.
  • Outdoor Movie Night – Who doesn’t like to go to the movies? Outdoor movie events are a simple, yet elegant way to create a sense of community on your property. Whether you are featuring a new movie or classic, this evening can create a memorable impression for current and prospective residents. These events can be held in courtyards, common areas or poolside settings which tend to be the most popular. Make sure you don’t forget the soda pop and popcorn! Lake in the Woods, in Melbourne, FL, has been hosting monthly poolside movies for awhile and their residents love them! The residents enjoy coming together and relaxing poolside or floating in the pool. What a great twist in movie watching!

It is important as property management professionals that we continue to find ways to build a sense of community with our residents. Providing creative ways to show our residents that we appreciate their loyalty will prove to be a wise investment in the long run.